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Zandi wins state in shot put

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Shot put seems like an easy event to participate in.  However, many people do not know what it is.  Shot Put involves throwing a heavy ball as far as possible.  Not only does someone have to throw the ball, there are many rules to playing Shot Put.  The participant is not allowed gloves, the athlete must throw the ball within 60 seconds, and there are other complicated rules that are involved in this sport.

Shot Put is a track and field event that Chapin High School participates in.  Junior, Mason Zandi, won state with his Shot Put record.

“I really got into Shot Put this year. I had never really thought anything of it until now, but I have respect for the event,” says Zandi.

Zandi says playing football prepared him with the strength to win state in Shot Put.

Zandi practiced his throwing five days a week for at least an hour and a half.

“At practice, I would do a lot of different arm exercises to give me more strength.  I would set a record for myself and try my best to reach it by the end of the day.”

All of Zandi’s hard work paid off when it was announced that he won state.

“It was such a good feeling.  Knowing that I had only been playing for a short time and was still able to achieve state champion was really an honor.”


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