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Singles Have Their Day

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“Singles Awareness Day,” also represented by the acronym, “S.A.D,” is a humorous holiday that is celebrated on February the 14th.  It serves as an alternative to Valentine’s Day, and its main goal is to remind people that they do not need a relationship to be happy. 

Sure, Valentine’s Day is great for couples to celebrate their joy over being together, but from the perspective of a single person, it is only a harsh reminder that they are single and have no one to share such a day with. Seeing all the couples exchanging gifts and talking about how much they “love” one another, a single person can’t help but feel left out and lonely.

Some people celebrate Singles Awareness Day by gathering together and celebrating the fact that they are single, while some come together and commiserate.  Green clothing is commonly worn and is the usual color for S.A.D because it is considered to be the “opposite” of red, the traditional color associated with Valentine’s Day.

A lot of people look down upon Singles Awareness Day and have the idea that single people all come together and whine and complain about their lives, and how terrible it is to be single.  But many who celebrate the holiday get together with their friends and celebrate the fact that they are single and do not need a man or woman to define their life. Some people could care less whether they have a boyfriend or girlfriend.  For them, it just means they won’t have to worry about what gift they’re going to give, where they will make reservations for dinner, etc. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a stay-at-home pity party. It can very easily be a night of joy and fun. It just depends on how one looks at it.

Overall, the main idea of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate relationships, whether they are romantic or just friend-relations.

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