Favorite Streaming Shows


Finding leisure activities that exist outside of schoolwork is important for students to maintain healthy mental states. One common activity is engaging with streaming services, specifically Netflix and all of its varying TV and movie options. Students were asked to reveal what their favorite things to watch on Netflix were, as well as a brief explanation highlighting why. 

When asked what her favorite thing to watch on Netflix was, Senior Caroline Summers explained “My favorite show to watch on Netflix is Grey’s Anatomy because I love the drama of the show. I have developed an emotional attachment to the show due to how much I enjoy it. I have also loved to watch Izzy’s character development throughout the series.” Similarly, Mabel DeRusha explained, “Grey’s Anatomy is my favorite show on Netflix because it is super interesting to see medical-related stories and it has many famous actors and actresses in it throughout the seasons!” 

Aside from Grey’s Anatomy, Lily McBroom said, “My favorite show on Netflix is Gilmore Girls because I love the mother-daughter dynamic that Lorelai and Rory offer. I also really like Melissa McCarthy’s character, Sookie St. James.” Piper Murphy explained, “Creep and Creep 2 are my Netflix favorites. They are so deeply psychological and realistic. Also, it is from a person’s point of view, so it is not shot like a movie, which I enjoy.” Kaitlin Shepard stated, “My favorite Netflix shows are a tie between Bojack Horseman and New Girl!” 

Lily McBroom whose favorite show is Gilmore Girls.

Overall, the responses demonstrated a variety of interests in regards to favorite Netflix streaming options. The results of the conducted interviews prove that Netflix’s wide selection of media has shows that can appeal to the interests of everyone whether it be from series centered around drama, the medical field, anime, fantasy or sports.

Caroline Summers whose favorite Netflix show is Grey’s Anatomy


Contributor: Madi Hunt