Power Hour Poll: Valentine’s Day

Power Hour Poll

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the topic for this week’s Power Hour Poll had a clear focus. So much attention is being put on gifts for Valentine’s Day. Is the whole day truly about good feelings or materialistic gifts? Can anyone get a Valentine Gift, or is it only for those in relationships. The results of the Power Hour Poll are below:

Is Valentine’s Day only for relationships?

“I feel like Valentine’s day is for relationship only low-key.” Elly Johnson, 9th grade



“Yeah I Guess, because the holiday is about romantic love and that is what is involved in relationships.” -Caroline Sullivan, 9th grade

“No I don’t think it has to be.” Eleanor Lawton, 11th grade

“I don’t think it’s only for relationships because my parents have always done something for me and my siblings. And in elementary school you would get Valentines for your classmates, so I think it can be for friendly gestures and a day for relationships.”- Aleigh Tisdale, 10th grade

“ No, it can be with friends and family also.” – Tyler McCray, 12th grade  




Is Valentine’s Day too materialistic?

“I guess it is around giving gifts to other people, so I guess you could say it’s materialistic.”- Dawson Coutsos, 9th grade


Would you rather get Candy, Flowers or Gifts?  

“I would rather get gifts, easily for Valentine’s Day.” – Forrest Ward, 11th grade

“A gift that is small and meaningful.” -Emily Herron, 10th grade

“I would definitely rather get flowers because it’s a cute, sentimental gift for Valentines day.” –Sadie Salazar

10th grade

“Candy, flowers and gifts.” – Bryson Miller, 12th grade







Contributing to this report: A. Caldwell, K. Bukzar, R. Krell, M. Rich, B. Russell, K. Sides, C. Evans, R.McIssaac, A. Ottley