New Mural for Visual Arts Hallway


Photo provided by Carsin Aull

Christian Bollman paints the mural in the art hallway.

A new mural that is being painted by the Honors and AP Arts classes, begins to take shape down the arts wing.

Chapin High School honors art students have been slowly decorating the school and it’s hallways throughout the years. There is an endless hallway mural, a heartbeat electrocardiogram  on Heartbeat Hallway. There are hundreds of student silhouettes painted on the walls around the school and in the newest  constructed wing of Chapin High.

This new mural, painted down the arts hall, depicts a paintbrush painting the wall and coming from a piece of sheet music. The notes on the sheet music, if played, is the school alma mater.  

After sitting down with the arts teacher, Ms. Rangel, we learned some more about the mural. “After construction the halls were bare and we are supposed to be the most creative hall in the school,” said Ms. Rangel, who has has been teaching art at Chapin for 15 years. “This is a great group of students who want to give back through art.”

“It’s a message that this program can give back to the community and allows everyone to enjoy it for years to come, if you look, all arts are represented in the hallways,” Ms. Rangel added. While there is no one single theme that connects all the murals together, just like the mural in the heartbeat hallway, this mural also integrates a heart in the painting. 

“It makes me feel great because I know I made a physical mark that’ll brighten the school for years,” said Christian Bollman, who is helping to paint the wall.  “We’re still working on it but probably half a semester or so so far.” Bollman also mentioned that art student, Jentry Abercrombie, came up with the idea to have the notes play the schools alma mater. She can be seen in one of the photos painting the notes.

The students, as well as teachers, seemed thrilled to see the finished piece, which should be completed by the end of the year.