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It just doesn’t matter

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Many teens these days worry too much about their social status, the clothes they wear, and how people view them. They waste so much time trying to impress others and they often pretend to be someone that they aren’t just to fit in. But once you graduate, no one is going to remember what car you drove, the clothes you wore…and except for a few friends, you aren’t going to see most people you knew in high school unless you are attending a reunion or possibly bumping into them.
Once you get to college, everything changes.
Nobody cares what you wear to class and no one pays attention to the car you drive. Everyone is more interested in exploring their futures rather than judging other people. Popularity may be important to some in high school, but once you get out into the world, no one cares if you were a quarterback, cheerleader or nerd, unless it pertains to your career.
I don’t think that people understand the concept of what happens in high school (that isn’t academically related) isn’t going to matter once you graduate. No one is going to remember the rumors that went around about you or the people you dated.
Most of the events that happen in high school are so insignificant to the rest of your life.
I look back on the last two years in high school and how small things I thought were “important” last year are not.
It makes me think…once I graduate high school and move on to bigger and better things…am I even going to remember what was deemed so “important?” The answer is probably not.
Are most of the people I’m friends with now even going to be a part of my life in ten years? Obviously, my good friends will be, but most people I know probably won’t remember me.
So why spend so much time trying to impress people that in ten years will no longer cross our mind? Why waste precious time when we could be making long lasting friendships with people who accept us? Why do we as high schoolers feel the urge to fit in with the crowd instead of being ourselves?
Honestly, the answer to the question “Will it matter after high school?” is no. By the time you’re 30 and married, it just won’t. But try telling that to the “popular” people. In ten years, none of the pointless drama will matter nor will the competition to have the nicest things. Yet, we let it bother us so much.
The past will be behind us and we will have moved on to greater challenges. Besides helping you get into college, high school drama is an insignificant part of our lives. Of course it’s something we have both hate and love because we are teenagers. In the end, we will only remember a few small minor details of high school. The rest just doesn’t matter.

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