Claymation Projects

Art teacher, Mrs. Pfrommer, and her student teacher, Mr. Anderson, are teaching the 3D Art class about claymation.

Claymation is “a combination of a lot of pictures put into one program to make a video out of it, so when you play them all at the same frame rate, it looks like animation” according to Mr. Anderson.

Students begin their claymation projects by creating a script. Next, they build their scenery out of paper and make the characters and props out of clay and paper. Finally, students situate their subjects and take a single picture. They then move the characters and props slightly and take another picture. The process is repeated until the script is complete, and the video is formed.

When asked how many pictures her project would include, and how long it would take, sophomore Whitley Leviner said, “About 500-600 pictures and about 2-3 class periods”.

All projects are due the Monday after Thanksgiving break.