Hero at the High School: A Spotlight on Officer Dana Catoe

Hero at the High School: A Spotlight on Officer Dana Catoe

In 2012, Officer Dana Catoe became the resource officer at Chapin High School. His vast experience has given him the wisdom and capability to protect the halls of CHS for four years now, and there couldn’t be anyone more fit for the job.

“My first priority in this school is protection. My second is protection from the inside. My third job here is to enforce the law,” says Catoe.

Prior to being a resource officer, Catoe served as a United States Marine for 20 years. He spent this time working with infantry, mortarmen, special operations, the anti-terrorism team, the helicopter raid company and as a warfare instructor, along with being on recruiting duty. Catoe served four combat tours; Desert Shield, Desert Storm and two others in Somalia.

Throughout his time as a marine, Officer Catoe witnessed horrors that citizens of third world countries experience on a daily basis. In war-torn countries, children are kidnapped and forced to fight in the army. As for many areas across the Middle East, women have no freedom. They are buried alive, stoned, aren’t allowed to drive, cannot speak and have no individual rights.

Despite these tragic occurrences, Catoe was able to learn about the world hands-on in his time on tour. He was exposed to many different religions and customs that are foreign to the United States.

When asked what the interesting parts of his job were, Officer Catoe responded, “Getting to see other cultures and how people do things differently. I’ve really enjoyed that.”

After retiring from the Marines in 2003, Catoe was contracted by Global Risk Strategies, a company in London, and sent to Iraq. He then acted as head of security for the Iraqi interim government for three years. When the country developed it’s own standing government, Officer Catoe returned to the United States and worked as a law enforcement officer, eventually becoming Chapin’s resource officer and assistant swim coach.

Officer Dana Catoe, through serving his country and making the world a safer place to live, has become a role model for all to look up to. The entire Chapin community is extremely thankful for his service and honored to have a hero protecting the high school.