Benches Brighten the Courtyard

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The power of Facebook brought new benches to Chapin High’s courtyard.

On Friday January, 26 2018, 5 new benches were donated to Chapin High by the class of 1987.   “The alumni group donated through the power of Facebook,” said Dr. Akil Ross, principal of Chapin High.

The courtyard , which was created during renovations to the school in 2012 is rarely used during or after the school day. “(The Alumni group) looked at the campus and saw what it needed,”  said Dr. Ross.   The benches were donated in hopes of making the campus look better and increase use of the courtyard.

Tim Slice, a member of the class of 1987, was there for the unveiling of the new benches. “Tim Slice and the members of the class payed $500 a piece,”  said Dr. Ross. The benches are convertible, with the seat backs becoming a flat, table surface.

Mrs. Carter an English teacher on the English hall said, she has seat cushions for the kids in her class now, when they use the courtyard. However, she ”won’t need them with the benches being here.” Mrs. Carter said the benches make the courtyard look better and may increase the amount of people in the courtyard.  Mrs. Carter added, that a “four square court in the courtyard to make it more fun and enliven the courtyard.”

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