Zaxby’s coming to Chapin Soon

Excitement is building as the newest restaurant in Chapin prepares to open.

A  new Zaxby’s is  opening on 649 Columbia Ave, Chapin. It should open by January as steady progress is being made.

“About time. I don’t have to go to Irmo anymore,” said Tracy Sutton. “I can’t wait until it opens.” 

Chapin’s community is growing at an enormous rate. Due to this growth rate, Chapin is welcoming more restaurants. Some people were excited about the grand opening, but concerned about the traffic that will come with the new restaurants. “It’s going to make traffic increased,” said 10th grader Elizabeth Myers.  

“My thoughts, overall the positives outweigh the negatives. Sure there’ll be more traffic, but more jobs, more places to go, more fun to be had,” said Bennett Haddad, sophomore.  “I feel like it’ll bring good things to our little town.”   “It’s exciting. The food is delicious,” said Angela Bryant.

Several students were very enthusiastic about the opening of Zaxyby’s. 

 “I’m happy for it! I will be eating there,” said sophomore, Kierra Johnson.  Another student, junior, Gabby Faust said, “I can’t wait, I love that place. ”