Chapin High’s 2022 Scholastic Book Fair


Chapin High recently hosted a Scholastic Book Fair. The event was organized by Chapin’s Librarian Ms. Mayes. She organized the book fair to get people excited about books and reading. Ms. Mayes said, the book fair “reminds them of why they loved reading when they were little.” She decided that setting up in September would be the best, not only because school was starting, but also because the weather was great. 

All of the books came from Scholastic and all earnings go towards supporting the Book Club. Ms. Mayes says that the most popular genres and books are “the books about Ursula, fantasy books, the newer Twilight books, and a book called Bendy.”

Ms. Mayes advertised for the book fair through the library Instagram page, the school Instagram page, the school Facebook page, TV bulletins at school and the announcements. 

The 2022 Scholastic Book Fair at Chapin High School was a success and has the potential to become a new tradition.