Chapin High School or Palmetto’s Finest

Over the course of the last few months, Chapin High School has been preparing for a competition that is a very high achievement, and an honor to be involved in.  The Palmetto’s Finest competition chooses one elementary school, middle school, and high school to be considered the best in South Carolina.  Some of the requirements include a very streneous application, as well as two visits from the award committee, one planned visit and one suprise visit.  Throughout the process the Palmetto’s Finest committee came to the school and had to observe the high school throughout the day.  It was a very long process, but luckily for Chapin it paid off. 

We are proud to announce that the Chapin High School family is the proud winner of the Palmetto’s Finest 2015 award.  It is a very big deal to even become a finalist in this competition, much less the overall winner.  On Tuesday, March 24, all of the Chapin High School  gathered into the arena to await the results of the contest.  With the whole staff and student body gathered together, the results were played over a live video stream while students and staff anxiously anticipated the results. 

When the results were annouced, everyone was ectatic. The student body preceded the awarding by singing the alma mater and chanting the Chapin cheer, promising to continue living up to the title of Palmetto’s Finest and showing everyone why Chapin was chosen for such an honorable award.