Chapin Junior is Running For SCASC President


On the weekend of March 17, Chapin High’s student government will be attending the South Carolina Association of Student Councils (SCASC). At the convention Chapin’s very own Charlie LaRosa will be running for SCASC president.

Charlie, a junior, is running because “leadership in our youth is slowly dying” and he would like to help lead others to become leaders.
The convention is held over the weekend. “I will be giving a speech and campaigning to gain votes from other student governments around the state,” said LaRosa. At the end of the week the votes will be tallied and the winner will be announced to all students and sponsors in attendance.

“I plan to provide new leadership ideas and bring back student involvement in school governments,” said LaRosa, of his upcoming campaign. “I believe our generation is in much need of leaders, especially in today’s society. We need leaders who will do right from wrong and encourage others on a daily basis.”

Chapin’s faculty and students wish Charlie much luck as he campaigns to be SCASC president. “Chapin is so proud to have one of our own running for SCASC president. We wish Charlie the best of luck and can’t wait to possibly hold the state convention here” said Morgan Weaver, CHS Student Government President.

Check back at  in a few weeks for a update on the results on the convention.