Dramatic Reveal for Renovated Theater!


Cast Photo of “And Then There Were None” Front Row: Naomi Horner, Riley Berger, Graycen Bozard, Kelsey PrattSecond Row: Chaney Partrich, Drew Caldwell, Madeline Byrnside, Bryce Myers, Eleanor Lawton, Kolby Taylor, Nathan Delman

The Theater Department may have presented the “And Then there were None” but there was not one question about who-done the renovations to the small theater.

The production of the mystery play was the first event held in the renovated room that featured new seating and updated technology for the intimate stage setting.

For nearly 4 years the Theater department has been attempting to renovate the theater room. The drama department has been requesting the renovation money since 2015. In 2017, renovations began on the old room in May 2017 and lasted until late in September 2017.

“We were in desperate need of chairs, spotlights, a new stage, curtains, a cyclorama and an updated tech box,” said theater teacher Ms. Shelton. The idea to have renovations started before 2013 with former Drama Club president, Sarah Potts.  Potts recently returned to see the Agatha Christie play and she said she was thrilled with the new technology and the new seats. The improved sound system allowed for sound effects to be added to the play, along with different lighting schemes. 

The department put on “And Then There were None” for three nights. The classic mystery featured 10 guests invited to an island by an unknown host. They are then charged with crimes and begin dying according to a nursery rhyme that is hanging on the wall.

” [The show] was performed well and as I could see the students involved put in a tremendous amount of effort to try to put on the best show possible and it paid off,” said  Alli Rhoads who attended one of the performances. “The show was easy to follow and humorous while dark in some parts as well the ending was a surprise to me and I was totally satisfied with it and very glad I was able to see the show the drama program needs to put on more shows like this more often.”

Eleanor Lawton who played Thelma Rodger (One of the maids) said she got into character “By washing out prop dishes and fording costumes, which I probably would have done anyways because that’s who I am.” She also said, “I wasn’t very nervous the first night but it kinda increased exponentially as the show went on.”