Eating On A Budget

Everyone loves to eat, but not everyone loves to spend money on a meal every night. Although you deserve to treat yourself after a long day of work, or practice, or whatever you may do! Now here are a few* fast food restaurants around the Chapin area where we can tell you what meals that you can get under $10.


Sonic: Sonic opened in Chapin, two years ago. The drive-thru and dine-in restaurants are known for burgers, hot-dogs, chicken and various shakes and slushy drinks. The value menu and “Happy Hour” value menu makes getting a cheap meal easy.




Bojangles: You can get 6 sandwiches from Bojangles that are less than $5. Bojangles also sells biscuits and every biscuit on their menu is under $5. You can get a 1 chicken breast dinner with a side for $4.89, and you can get 5 wraps/salads on their menu that cost less than $5. Now one of the best ways to get around a budget is the kid’s menu honestly, and with the kid’s menu where you can get fries, a biscuit, and your choosing of either chicken tenders, chicken legs, or chicken supreme for $3.89.




McDonald’s: Located just off the Exit 91 ramp is known for burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, nuggets and frozen treats such as ice cream, iced-coffee. The Dollar menu items and other low price combinations make the restaurant a favorite location for young diners. And recently the McRib is back.



Arby’s: You can go to Arby’s and get a solid meal for under $6. A roast beef sandwich and medium drink cost $5.86. Their roast beef sandwich is also quite filling. Unlike a McDonald’s burger, Arby’s roast beef sandwich is quite big and contains a lot of beef. This means you can get a full meal for a cheap price.






Also near the exit are TacoBell, Waffle House and two convenience stores are a very short drive from the high school on Columbia Avenue. The value menu at Taco Bell makes it a good place to get a meal. However, Waffle House can be expensive, but a ham and cheese sandwich and hash browns can be purchased for about $6.

If someone wants a more home cooked meal, in the next town over there is Little Mountian Unlimited. This unique shop is an antique store and café with classic home-cooked meals.

*This story will be updated as more research is done on the restaurants in and around Chapin