Concerns about Drug Use in the School District

Saving Our Schools Meetings to Resume

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The Twitter-verse has calmed in the weeks since a  Lexington-Richland School District 5 employee was arrested and placed on administrative leave for the possession of drugs at their home. However, the issue of drug use, including vaping, has been brought back into the forefront for Lexington-Richland  5 High Schools, including Chapin High.

In an interview with Chapin Principal Michael Ames on December 12th,  he said he had great insight into the problem and what steps our community is taking to deal with smoking at school.  When asked about stopping the problems of vaping at school, Mr. Ames said, “it’s got to be a collective partnership between students, parents, teachers, and administration to get the word out and get students to stop.”

Last school year, Dr. Akil Ross the principal of Chapin High held several S.O.S (Save Our Schools) meetings at the school and Churches through the community to address several issues including vaping and drug abuse in the community.  Mr. Ames said that more S.O.S meetings are also being planned for this year. “We were planning to have the first of two February 11th and another towards the middle of May,” said Mr. Ames.

The SOS Meetings will continue to focus on the rising problem of vapes and the impacts they have on schools and most importantly the students.