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A “Spring Break-down”

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April is a time full of adventure and tradition. Between spring break and Easter coming up, students are thrilled to have a break from school and to  go on vacation with their friends and family. Whether they’re staying home to work and rest or leaving state, or even the country, spring break has something exciting in store for each and every student at Chapin High School. Spring break for Chapin students start Friday afternoon, April 7th, and many students are ecstatic for the festivities to start.  Here are what some of the student have decided to do on their well-deserved week off!

Laney Hayes, sophomore, will be traveling to Guatemala on a missions trip, and will be enjoying Easter dinner with her family.

Sean Denis, senior, will be touring colleges he’s applied for during his break.

Brady Koosa, junior, will be in town playing baseball for Chapin, and will be enjoying his family Easter egg hunt competition.

Madeline Prim, senior, will be going with her friends and family to Don Pedro Island in Florida. She will be taking a ferry boat there, and spending the week on different beaches.

Madeline said, “Every year on Easter Sunday my family swims to church! We take the boat as close as we can to the shore, but the waves are too big to take it all the way up, so we anchor the boat and swim the rest of the way.”

Will Owens, senior, said, “I’m going to the beach with Bryce Harrington. We’re going to Fripp Island. I’ll probably go to church with my mom, and we’ll probably eat a family lunch.”

Jasper Aiken, senior, said, “I’m going to Pawley’s Island with Chandler and Bradley. We wake up and each person has their own Easter basket and each person gets a gift. Then, we go to church.”

Josh Corning, junior, said, “I’m going to a Fireflies game, and then the Masters. I’m most excited about seeing my hero, Tim Tebow, in the flesh. For Easter, I’ll probably go to church with my family.”

Leslie Correll, junior, said, “I’m going to Colorado to go skiing. On Easter, I’m just going to church.”

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A “Spring Break-down”