Miss Chapin: County Fair Queen gets Crowned

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Miss Chapin: County Fair Queen gets Crowned

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Senior Brooke Ellisor started competing in the Miss Chapin pageant because she “wanted to try new things.” Ellisor describes the most difficult part of competition for her is “anything that doesn’t have to do with speaking because public speaking is something that comes easy to [her].”

As the second semester starts and the end of the school year draws near, that means many things; spring sports are starting up, seniors high school careers are winding down, and their college preparations are picking up speed.

Another event that takes place in the spring is the Miss Chapin Pageant. Directed for the last two years by Mr. Mize and Ms. Williams, the Miss Chapin Pageant gives girls attending Chapin High a chance to get to know their peers as well as a way to grow their self-confidence and give them something new to experience.

Judged events such as evening wear, casual wear, and interview are crucial to a contestant’s final score, which could earn them one of five titles: Miss Freshman, Miss Sophomore, Miss Junior, Miss Senior, and last but not least, Miss Chapin. The runner-up’s to these titles are also awarded on stage.

Upon interviewing several of this year’s contestants, we learned these girls favorite parts of the competition, along with other details involving their Miss Chapin experience.

This is freshman Olivia Calhoun’s first year competing. Calhoun said she wanted to  compete in order to “meet new people and experience something that she normally wouldn’t do.” She said hher dress this year is emerald green because it goes with her eyes.

Another newcomer to the Miss Chapin scene is Giovanna Gouveia, a junior. Coming from Brazil, Giovanna is one of Chapin High School’s foreign exchange students this year. Giovanna says she signed up for the pageant to “have fun.” She describes her favorite part of the competition so far as being able to experience something new that she wouldn’t be able to take part in back in her home country of Brazil.

If the winner of Miss Chapin is interested, she may enter the title into the Miss South Carolina’s Outstanding Teen Pageant to compete for the title of Miss South Carolina’s Outstanding Teen. If the contestant were to win that title, too, she could go on to compete for the title of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen.

Click here for RESULTS of the annual Miss Chapin Pageant, held on Saturday, February 24th, at 7:00 PM in the Arena.

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