Sentimental Seniors for Spirit Week

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Sentimental Seniors for Spirit Week

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Seniors are sentimental for their last spirit week. As the school year draws to a close, seniors look back emotionally at their last spirit week. The week of activities will include: Decades, Wacky Wednesday, Baseball Day  and will end with Pajama Day on Friday.  All during the week, students will have a chance to earn Claw Cash. The first day of the Spirit Week is Decades Day.

Seniors expressed their nostalgic feelings about this last spirit week. “I feel sad that it’s gone because it felt like just yesterday I was walking into this school,” said Mahogany Edmonds.


It’s bitter sweet it’s gone by,too fast,” said Ryan Ireal.

For some seniors, this marks the end of their high school career. “I feel relieved because this last spirit week means I got through my 4 years of high school,” said Johnny Kidd. 

Most of the students interviewed said they look forward to the Spirit Week as a chance to celebrate with their friends before the school year ends. 

“It means to dress in pajamas. That’s what it means,” said 10th grader, Graham Sparks.

“ I think spirit week is a great opportunity for students to have fun and express themselves,” said 10th grader, Gilli Raynor.

“Spirit week brings all students together to show school spirit and have a fun week,” said 9th grader, Emmalee Gunter. 


Special Contributors:Vyolet Meola, Sussy Garcia, Kayleigh Borchardt, Logan Hines, Anastasia Jasinsky, Lauren Meeh, Naomi Horner

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