Junior Year Stress

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As the school year progresses, the class of 2020, the juniors at Chapin High School, will face the pressures of looking at and applying to colleges. Students must cope with those pressures in addition to the pressures of their classes, jobs and just being young people.

“I miss how school used to be not really stressful,” said Anna Zeigler an eleventh grader.

“This year is very stressful and I already have so much work to do,” said Julie, an eleventh grader.

Junior year is the year that most colleges will mainly use the students’ grades and G.P.A during the year as they are applying to college.  

School counselor, Mrs. Blanton offers these strategies to ease the stress:

  1. Do research and find out which colleges the students would like to attend and that can help relieve stress.
  2. Use tools and research that can help the students education.
  3. Finding out what study skills works for the students. Some students learn differently.
  4. Try different learning strategies.
  5. Talk to a trusted adult or school administrator.

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