Power Hour Poll: Super Bowl Sunday

Power Hour Poll What's on your mind?

With Super Bowl Sunday here, the Journalism 1 students at Chapin High took a Power Hour Poll to gauge the impact of the Super Bowl at the school. The responses were just as varied as the students, but below are some of the responses to the Super Bowl Power Hour Poll.

What do you like best about the Super Bowl and what team do you want to win?

“My favorite thing about watching the Super Bowl is the commercials and I’m pulling for the Rams”–Alyssa Swick- 11th grade

What do you love about watching the  Super Bowl?

“ I love the brand new commercials and how the halftime show is always amazing.” –Bailey Lutz, 9th grade

What do you think about the musical acts? “It usually depends on who’s performing and if they’re good or not, but they usually are interesting.”--Kaitlyn Jones, 10th grade

How do you feel about the teams playing in this year’s Super Bowl?

“Since I’m a Patriots fan, I’m very pumped.”–Jasmyn Sorapuru – 9th grade

Do you like the game or the commercials better?

“The game, duh.”–AJ Kutsherenko – 10th Grade

“I like the commercials better,because I prefer humor over sports.” —Emily Herron-10th grade

“The best part about super bowl is getting together with my family and watching the game and all of the commercials.”–Clay Aull- 10th grade

Contributors for this Report: K. Buzkar,R. MacIsaac,  S. Mitcsh, A. Merrick, A. Murphy, A. Ottley,