Chapin Bowling Team Wraps up Season


D. Schiferl

Starting a new sports team is rough and takes a lot of trial and error and, sometimes, a lot of failure.

The Chapin Bowling team, coached by science teacher Mr. Schiferl, knows this. The Bowling team’s first few years were rough. However, the 2018-2019 season, the team’s 6th season, was a clear success. The team recently finished 4th in the state with a 3-5 record, a great accomplishment for any team, but even more so for a team that, 10 years ago, didn’t exist.

Chapin High obviously doesn’t have a bowling alley, so the team had to practice at Anchor Lanes in Harbison, a 20 minute drive away.  The team would often travel 45 minutes or more to meets on Wednesdays. Bowling is an underrated sport at Chapin and there isn’t a page of bowling photos on websites like MaxPrep, GoFlashWin, or even the CHS website. Still, the members of the team wouldn’t trade if for anything.

“It was the best experience of my life,” senior Evan Riser said. “If you missed out, you really missed out.”

Senior Nolan Vores echoed that same sentiment. “It was truly a great community,” he said of the close-knit team of 13.

“I wish I did it when I was younger,” senior Austin O’Dell said.

Although this was a great season, the team has a problem. Every member of it, including the 3 players from Spring Hill and the 1 from Irmo, are seniors and graduating in a few short months. That means that there are two options for the team. Underclassmen can either join or the team can fall apart.  The 2019-2020 season doesn’t start until November, so perspective bowlers have plenty of time to practice.

In June, this year’s award winning team will be graduating and splitting up for different colleges. “It’s depressing to know that next year I won’t have all of my bowling buddies there beside me,” Nolan said. Until then, though, the you can find the Bowling team hanging out, both in and out of the bowling alley.