Teacher Cadet Students Set Off To Their Sites

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Teacher Cadet Students Set Off To Their Sites

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This year’s round of future teachers from Chapin’s Teacher Cadet program have just finished their first week at their school sites. The schools that are participating in the program are Chapin Elementary, Lake Murray Elementary, Balentine Elementary, and Chapin Intermediate. The internship will run from February 11th through April with the students going to their sites every other morning during the first block. Here is the list of the students participating in the program and where they will be going:

Chapin Elementary

Makenna Bradley, Johnny Fisher, Sam LaRosa. Lakin Luoma, Taylor Pierce, Olivia Sadorf, Olivia Starns, Maddy Smith, Sydney Baker, McKenna Simons, Ai Frick, Jessica Ramirez, and Courtney Nirella

Lake Murray Elementary:

Laney Hayes, Angelina Stubbs, Maddy Crews, Tristin Bolton, and Annalise Hawkinson

Balentine Elementary:

Lake Lindler

Chapin Intermediate:

Emma Hall, Abby Kibler, Rachel McHugh, Kaitlyn Esposito, and Will Cosper

Now entering their second week as being onsite teachers, many of the students said that they greatly enjoyed their first week. “I am very excited to get more comfortable throughout the rest of the year and to begin giving lessons to [the students],” said Olivia Sadorf (who is with 1st grade). Many other students share the same attitude towards their respective sites in terms of if they are excited for the rest of the year.

A common reason for joining the teacher cadet program was to get to see how it is being a teacher.

“I was interested in being a teacher but not sure it if was the right fit for me,” said Lake Lindler (who is with 2nd grade).