Nikki Haley’s Speaks to Chapin High School Students and Staff

             On October 23, 2017 the former Governor of South Carolina and United Nations Ambassador, Nikki Haley arrived at Chapin High School for an inspirational and educational speech to students and staff. The speech also included a marching band performance. 

            Haley spoke about life experiences of growing up in Bamberg County, South Carolina and being the only Indian family in that area. She also talked about how the community accepted her family.  She also spoke of how her parents owned their own business and how her family prospered after the community accepted her family.

             Haley also talked about the “evil” she’s seen in her job. “I’ve been in Venezuela and seen people starving, killing zoo animals to survive. I’ve seen pictures of children killed by chemical weapon attacks in Syria. Children were ripped from their mothers arms in the Democracy of the Congo.” Haley continued, “when you’ve seen those images, that’s evil. What we need to remember is to be grateful because on our worst day, we are blessed to be in America.”

            The students submitted questions and one consequential question was about  Haley bringing down the Confederate flag as governor. “I think my most consequential moment as governor was taking down the Confederate flag because it was one where I knew those that appreciated the flag, appreciated it for service and sacrifice and things that were good and it wasn’t out of hate,” she explained. “I knew that what had happened, when the killer of the Mother Emmanuel shootings, when he was holding the Confederate flag, he had hijacked it and the meaning had gone away,”said Haley.

             Haley spoke about the dangers of social media and how it can affect how one gets a job. “I look at all my potential employees social media accounts for before hiring them.”

             Haley talked about teamwork and loyalty, which is the most important thing to her. “If you aren’t loyal to the people you’re down in the trenches with, that’s the worst thing you could ever do,” said Haley.

             “I admire the way that Nikki Haley has pushed through so many obstacles and stands to represent all Americans. I learned that the best way to connect with people is to first bond over similarities and then people are receptive to differences,” said senior Lauren Summers.

              “She said the best is yet to come and for me that’s nice to hear because I love high school, but I have my whole life ahead of me. So I’m looking forward to what it brings. It’s really inspiring how she came about her being made fun of a little bit to where she is now; I really love that,” said Jacob Dickson.