Weather Interrupts First In Person Band Concert

The Chapin High School Band had planned an-in-person concert for the first time in this Covid-19 pandemic school year. But then the weather interrupted it. 

Members of the Chapin  Band were very excited about the concert because they had worked so hard to prepare. Due to Covid-19 and associated restrictions on gathering and social distancing, the band has not been able to perform for an audience. The band had live-streamed a concert earlier this year, but the March concert was going to be the first performance with a live audience. 

 “No matter how much you practice you never really get the satisfaction of knowing that you did well in a concert,” said freshman Stephen Robb who plays the trumpet. “It’s not the same when it is virtual or even a recording. I don’t know if it is just me but it doesn’t feel as important,” he added. 

Band members interviewed said they think it is time to have an in person bad concert to move forward in getting back to normal.

“This concert is definitely going to lead to more normalcy for the band. I am so excited,” said senior saxophonist, Mariana Hall. 

The Chapin Band has been preparing songs since January for their concert. While learning the songs, band members had no confirmation as to whether or not they were having a concert. The band has practiced fewer times  than they would be able to in a normal year without Covid-19, but still managed to push through and prepare the songs for the concert. 

The Chapin Band got confirmation that the concert could proceed and the members were excited to have their first in person band concert of the year.

But just two days before the concert, all school and after school activities were cancelled due to weather. The band students were devastated. “Why does something always have to happen before a concert,” said junior saxophone player, Austin Powell. 

 The Band has scheduled to try their in person band concert for May 13th. The band members say they are remaining hopeful for a great outcome and that there will be nothing that interferes with the next concert.