Senior Prom 2021


Students at the South Carolina State Capitol before going to the State Museum for the prom.

Chapin High School’s Senior Prom was like no other due to the pandemic.  The prom, which took place on May 1st, 2021 was held at the South Carolina State Museum and was one of the first student events held since Covid-19 restrictions were put into place last year.

“Prom was one of the best parts of my senior year because the whole class could participate and get together before graduation to make memories,” said senior Grace Cook.

This event was one of the only events where the senior class got to experience a ¨normal event¨ and engage in some of the traditions that takes place every year for seniors.  Seniors have not had the chance to have their toga pep rally or sign the senior promise in the fall. Seniors have been limited to the events they can participate in because of COVID so the prom was one of the first things they could experience together before graduation. 

The prom, was held only for the seniors and people were required to wear masks at all times while in the museum. A limited number of tickets were sold to the students. Seniors dates could be underclassmen, but that is the only way underclassmen could get into the dance.

Carolann Derrick, a junior said, ¨For it to be our first big event since all of the restrictions from COVID,  I feel like it was nice, it was a good way for everybody to get to dressed up and allow the seniors who didn’t get prom last year to get a prom this year.¨

Due to the school being completely online at the end of march last year, the seniors (who were juniors at the time) did not get the opportunity to attend prom.  The prom held in 2019 was also held in the South Carolina State Museum, however, this was the first year students were allowed to visit the exhibits. ¨The music could have been a little better, but it was really cool to walk around the museum. And it was fun to get to take pictures,¨ said Derrick.

¨Overall, it was a good experience. I couldn’t have made it through without my date. The exhibits were cool but the music was rather disappointing,¨ said senior Hunter Deaton.  Since the prom was held at the South Carolina State Museum, the students were able to walk around the museum and view the exhibits. The State Museum has many different exhibits including art, history, technology, and science. 


Carolann Derrick and Hunter Deaton before the prom.


The Senior Prom was unlike any other before. It was really different because only seniors were allowed to go. Although COVID has restricted many events for them this year, prom was definitely a memory that will last a lifetime for them. Getting dressed up, going to the museum, and dancing with friends are memories and experiences that they will cherish forever. Seniors had a great time gathering together as a class one last time before graduation.