Summer Jobs

Photo of the YMCA where junior Charlotte Breunig works.

Photo of the YMCA where junior Charlotte Breunig works.

As summer grows closer, students are left to consider what they want to do during their time off from school. Although many may spend time travelling and hanging out with friends, it is also likely that various jobs will be obtained. The job availability for those in highschool is vast, with jobs relating to the food industry, service industry, childcare services, sports, and more all being available. 

Due to the consistent expansion of Chapin, there has become more food related jobs for teens to choose from. Restaurants in Chapin include McDonalds, Zaxby’s, Sonic, Bojangles, J.R. Cash’s, Zesto, Catch 22, Higher Ground, Hardee’s, and more. When asked about why he chose to work in the food industry, junior Ryan Harmon stated, “I chose to work in food service simply because there are not very many other options since Chapin is such a small town.” Another student, Ethan Ellis, explained, “I work at J.R. Cash’s as a delivery driver to earn some extra spending money.”

Some students do not feel drawn to work in jobs related to food. Junior Cole Richardson said, “I work at a boat club. I enjoy it because I get to spend time outside and work with people and boats, which I really enjoy.” Junior Charlotte Breunig explained, “I work at the YMCA in their childcare program. I’ve worked there for some time and will work there this summer. I got a job in childcare because I enjoy being around kids.”  

A follow up is intended for this story upon the return of students to school in the fall. It will be noteworthy to speak to the same students and determine how their experiences were at said jobs, what they took away from it, and whether or not they intend to keep the job throughout the school year.