Back to School Favorite Classes

The start of the 2021-2022 school year has brought excitement, joy, and eagerness relating to the return of normalcy for many. Students and staff are following a normal five day Face-to-face model for the first time in two school years. With the full school experience being in effect, students are already picking out their favorite classes so far this year.

“Current issues with Coach Stogner is my favorite class, as it is a chill learning environment and we learn a lot about the status of the world,” said senior Mary Evans. Additionally, Kyia Tucker, a senior, said, “My favorite class is forensics. Forensics is interesting and fun as we get to solve crimes. It is a good learning experience.”

Sophomore Ava-Claire Collins said, “Yearbook is my favorite class this year. All of my friends are in my class and it is fun to witness all of the school spirit around us.” Senior Charlotte Breunig said, “My favorite class is law enforcement at the CATE center. I have taken the class for two years now and enjoy it as I am able to learn a lot about a career field that I potentially want to enter.” 

Of the students interviewed, it is considerable to note that only one of the students favorite class was a core class, with the class being forensics. Forensics is a science class offered at Chapin High School. The results of the interviewees’ asks the question if elective classes are better overall than core subjects such as English, math, science, and history. 

A follow up to this story will be conducted later into the school year, as students will have had more time to experience varying classroom environments. The same individuals will be interviewed for the follow up and it will be noteworthy to see if any responses to the question change and the reasoning behind any potential change.