Changing the Trend


Photos by Tommy Bowers and Zach Provenzano

A sign with rules in the newly decorated bathroom.

Students at Chapin High school have a new idea: instead of a “devious lick” the boys at  Chapin High have performed an “Angelic Lick” in the English hall bathroom.

When the students at Chapin High School walked in the bathroom there was a welcome mat on the floor and a sign that said Gentlemen’s Club. There was a sign with rules on it, the sinks had new soap dispensers and the toilets had trees behind them. In a corner there were chairs and a small table with magazines, a Nintendo 3DS with games, and a deck of cards. The bathroom also had softer toilet paper in a bin by the sinks. 

When senior Mark Bothers first saw the Gentlemen’s Club he was, “filled with joy and appreciation.”

“I thought it was very nice,” said senior, Jacob Rector.

Of the guys who were asked, their favorite items were either the table with cards and the new soft toilet paper.

Teachers at Chapin also had opinions about the decorated bathroom.

“It was a wonderful idea and it turned a negative thing into a positive thing. Way to go young people,” said Mrs. Pratt, who teaches English.

 “It was a nice idea, but it brought too many kids to that restroom,” said Mrs. Korsah, who teaches math.

The reason this was so surprising was that when this happened there was a popular trend going around TikTok where students were destroying bathrooms and stealing things from around the school. So people were worried that something like that had happened to the English hall bathroom when students  realized the bathroom had been locked. However, the next day, students discovered the opposite happened when the bathroom was reopened the and everyone saw the new decorations.

Since the bathroom was decorated many people enjoyed it and it was talked about all over school. However,  two weeks into new look, the bathroom was vandalized and had to be cleaned out. It is now back to the way it was before.

Special Contributor Zach Provenzano