Cold Weather Car Care


In the cold winter months, people usually have a lot more issues with their cars. People will experience flat tires, thick oil to change, windshield wipers becoming brittle, and it’s harder to start your car. 

The cold car care challenge hit students at Chapin High personally, including contributing reporter Avery Jowers. ¨My car broke down last week while I was downtown getting my phone repaired, said Jowers. Her car also had a flat tire several days after it broke down. Her father got it fixed and also had it serviced for the winter.

Students said they have to deal with several issues during the winter months but a major issue seems to be starting a car on a cold morning.

“My car typically breaks down more in the winter and I have to take it to the shop,” said Jordan Hayes, a senior.

“I have an emergency kit and jumper cables in my car. They are both necessities to me because I could need them at any time,” said Lee Smith, senior.

When dealing with car issues, some students say that they get help from their parents.

“My car battery died the other day and I wasn’t lucky in that situation because I didn’t have any car cables,” said Marina Bradford, who attends Midlands Tech. “My dad had to come help me jump my car and this taught me that I need to be more prepared in car situations like this,” she said. 

Some of the tips for student car care include: keeping emergency kit in the car at all times, knowing if you have a spare tire or how to contact Emergency Car Service such as AAA.

Special Correspondents Avery Jowers and Emma Trussell