Swift Ticket Sales Cause Concern

Chapin High School students were disappointed as some of them were not able to get Taylor Swift tickets this week for her upcoming tour. Reactions at CHS were mixed as some students were able to receive tickets, while others were not so lucky. 

CHS student Rylee Todaro and her sister Natalia Todaro were able to receive tickets for Taylor Swift’s upcoming show on April 28th, 2023, in Atlanta; one of many shows being performed by Swift in the coming year. 

“Extra days were added to the event in Atlanta,” said Rylee. “Originally there were only supposed to be 2 shows played on Friday and Saturday of that week, but a Sunday show was added so that everyone that got a ticket were able to see the show.”

CHS Spanish teacher, Mrs. Schiferl was unable to obtain a ticket, even though she was one of many that tried to purchase one. 

“My first choice was to see the show in Chicago,” said Mrs. Schifrel when asked about her plans to watch Swift’s tour. “Taylor just has an awesome voice and I love listening to her sing, I was very upset when I wasn’t able to get tickets.”

CHS student Leah Jones was also one of the unfortunate “Swifties” that had problems buying tickets. 

“Not only did it kick me out of the que,” said Leah, “the second time I went and waited 4 hours. It said they were bought. I feel bad for all the other Swifties that waited hours for tickets and had to see that they were canceled.” 

According to CBS News, based on the unprecedented volume, the ticket company Ticketmaster estimates that Swift would have to perform 900 stadium shows- which would take 2 and a half years to do if she had a show every night- just to fill demand.

Contributing to the report Kori Pieters, Colby Frick, Yara Abusamra