The Best Holiday Songs/Movies


With the holidays coming up, it’s no surprise that families are busting out their favorite Christmas movies and songs; which brings the question, what’s the best? With hundreds of holiday tunes and movies being released each year one of them has to be on top, right? 

To find out which movie/song stands above the rest; students and teachers were asked to fill out a poll with their favorite Christmas movies and songs. We received an astounding 143 responses from the Eagle Family. Although it was close, the holiday classic Elf won with 32 votes, and coming up second was Home Alone with 26 votes. The best Christmas song of all time is none other than Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas with 43 votes, tying for second place was Wham’s Last Christmas and Jingle Bell Rock both having 15 votes.

No matter what your favorites are, we can all look forward to a magical Christmas this year.