Water! Water! Everywhere but where is the best fountain to drink?


Savannah Stockwell

Cafeteria Water Fountain

Many people typically don’t drink water from the water fountain at school because they say the water is either dirty, hot, or just overall gross.

With more than 15 water fountains at CHS, you’re probably wondering, which water fountain is the best.

We visited each water fountain in the school and talked to at least 22 students and concluded that the Social Studies fountain was the cleanest, the Small gym’s water was the coolest, and the Heartbeat Hall water fountain looked oldest.

All of the fountains are typically clean, however, some fountains simply taste better. The debate over which fountain is better is based on how the water tastes and how the water the looks. Based on our un-scientific polling data of 22 students from all grades and several teachers–the water fountains that were  brought up the most were located on the Social Studies hall, Lunch hall, and in the Small gym.

Mr. Ayers, a study hall teacher at Chapin high school, preferred the social studies hall water fountain. But at the same time,  Mr. Bridges, a history teacher said he only prefers the fountain beside his room. 

Eight people out of the poll stated they preferred the social studies hall, which has a bottle filler on it.

Allison Diaz, a freshman at CHS states, “ I like the Social Studies hall by the girl’s bathroom cause it’s cold and doesn’t taste like metal.” 

Mason Depasquale, a freshman at CHS said, “Small Gym because its cold.” 

Kaylee Kirkland, junior, said, “lunch hall because, it’s cold, good and, refreshing.”

Overall, the top fountains remained: the Social studies fountain, Lunch , and Small gym fountains were most preferred. While there were a few others that got brought up those three were the most popular. With tasting the best, non-metallic, filtered, coldest, cleanest, and even highest quality water fountains.