Spring Break Plans 2023

As spring break 2023 is approaching, many students are getting ready for their well-deserved week of off school.

Throughout the school, there are many different people going to all kinds of places, but also some staying home and relaxing. 

During this year’s spring break she is going to Charleston for 4 days with her friend Reagan. Once she comes home she plans to spend her time hanging out at the lake and catching up on some school work, said Cora Diimmler, 16, junior.


Cora Diimmler

Clara Ekman, 17, Senior. “I am going to stay in North Myrtle for a few days to swim and get a tan!” 

Nolan Beerman, 17 senior, “This spring break I plan on going on the lake and going to Charleston.”

Nolan Beerman

Dylan Wessinger 16, sophomore “I’m just staying home. Hanging out with friends.

Christian Clanton, 17, Junior, “I’m doing nothing for Spring break.”

Jordan Martin, 17,  junior, “My spring break plans consist of hanging out with my friends and going to the beach.”

Jordan Martin

Jordan Jones, 17, Senior. “I will be trying out for the Gamecocks cheerleading team.” 

Mia Taradash, 18, Senior, “For spring break I’m spending the first couple of days at the beach with my friends and then flying to New Jersey to meet my new roommates!”

Mattie Jordan, 18, Senior, “Most of spring break me and my friends will be at Folly beach for the week.” 

Hayden Goodwin, 16,junior, “I’m going hunting in Virginia for Turkeys.”

Jacob Brantley, 17, junior, “I’m going to my dad’s house to swim and drive four-wheelers.”

James Frye,  18, senior,  “I’m going to Florida just to chill, we go every year.”

Contributing Correspondents:  Kendall Brown, Kendall Robinson, Dani Mejia, Colby Frick, Lea McCaw, Reagan Cooke, Deuce Nimmo