5A Chapin Cheer Video Highlights Award Winning Routine

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Chapin Cheer recently won their 13th State title for Chapin High School. Not only did they win State, but they won in 5A which is a new division for Chapin. Being the new school in the division, it was expected that Chapin’s squad  would not win this year.

But when the squad won, it was time to celebrate. Two years ago Chapin Cheer  filmed a video after winning their first State title in 4A, so it was decided to make a new video. However, the cheerleaders have to wait till after the end of season to film their video.

Vicky Williams the head cheer coach, said, “I totally believe in karma.  I believe in both the good and bad. The girls must earn the video, we will not hype ourselves up until we earn it.”

The video, which is currently being edited, will show the skills and stunting the squad used did during the routine.

Lucas Nash, a student videographer, explains how the video was made.  “For the video we added fog and lighting to make the video more intimidating. It was really cool seeing all the stuff the cheerleaders do up close.” Nash said that the  video had a lot gong on in it. To make the focus on the cheerleaders and the mats, the big overhead lights in the gym were turned off, and the video team brought in giant lights to put closer to the cheer mat. Billie Williams, assistant coach, brought a fog machine for special effects.

Cheerleader Sarah Miller says the cheer video was hard but challenging because, “we all took a month break from cheer. It was still an amazing experience.” The video was filmed a month to the exact day that Chapin won their 5A State title.

When the video is in its final form, it will be posted at this location. Until then, click HERE to see the state winning routine. 


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