Soccer Season On The Rise

With spring sports starting up, the soccer season is on the rise. The Eagles are looking to rebound after losing to the Riverside High School in the state championship.

Members of the Soccer team remain confident of their chances this season to win the region or state title.  The Chapin team is currently 6-2 overall and 2-2 in their conference record.

 Along with the win from Dutch Fork, the Eagles took their first loss in the season against River Bluff High School.

Prior to the game against River Bluff, freshman Jacob Braden, who plays on varsity seemed confident of their chances against Dutch Fork.  “I think we’ve got a pretty good chance of winning considering our previous games.” This was true since prior to the loss against River Bluff, the team was undefeated.

T.J Jennings, a junior on varsity states “We are a great team with great chemistry, we just have to keep on playing as a team and were unstoppable.