A Cookbook for all Level of Bakers


Claire Saffitz really outdid herself with her new New York Times Best Seller, cookbook Dessert Person.

Amidst a global pandemic while everyone is at home and slowly going mad, she gave us something to look forward to. Saffitz curated an amazingly organized cookbook. It’s for the people who like all things pastry and dessert with almost 100 recipes. It’s evident that she curated this cookbook so there would be something for everyone at any baking level. According to a review from Google Books, “She offers wisdom, Problem-solving strategies, and more than 100 meticulously tested, creative, and inspiring recipes.”

 For example, Saffitz organized the recipes into 7 categories, Loaf cakes and single layer cake, pies and tarts, bars and cookies, layer cakes and fancy desserts, breakfast and brunch, breads and savory baking and foundation recipes. There are classic desserts such as coffee cake, and carrot cake, but also some unique ones like salted halvah blondies and babkallah, a mixture of babkah and challah. Each recipe has many detailed steps that even the most amateur of chefs can read and the beautiful pictures that draw the reader in. The instructions are super thorough even the most amateur of bakers can easily complete many of these recipes, while also being challenged to get better.

While you could never have enough cookbooks, this cookbook has so many informative chapters and sections that help the reader stay organized. Not only does she organize the cookbook so that you know how long the recipes will take she rates the recipes difficulty levels and starts at 1 and goes to 5 from easiest to most challenging. 

Edited  by Brennan Ramsey