College Football Top Four Picks

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“The best opening weekend in College football history” certainly lived up to the hype. There were seven top 25 teams losing their season opener, and three of them were in the top 10. Three CSPN sports writers (Luke Layton, Trey Greene, and Blaine Cook) try to break down opening weekend and give their picks for top four.

Top Four Picks:


  1. Alabama: I mean come on, did you watch the tide roll over 20th ranked Southern California 52-6? It would be crazy not to have Nick Saban and the Tide at the top of college football.
  2. Ohio State: They may have played Bowling Green, but how good did J.T. Barrett and the OSU offense look? And putting up 77 points is no easy task. I will like to see this team put to the test but for now they are my number two.
  3. Houston: I know what you are thinking, Houston? Yes, Houston. I know they were 16 going into the year, but preseason ranking are not really a precise. Plus, Houston played extremely impressively against playoff veteran, Oklahoma.
  4. Clemson: They won. That’s about all the Tigers had to hold onto about their win against Auburn, who had opportunities to win the game. Even so, the defense looked great at times during the game, and this is still a talented team all over the field so I’m hoping it was just some first game nerves that the Tigers struggled with.



  1. Alabama: After dominating victory over USC, it is obvious Alabama is still a number one team.
  2. Michigan: After Michigan’s stunning blowout over Hawaii, they have shown just what they are able to do. They have a very capable team this season 
  3. Clemson: With quarterback Deshaun Watson as a 2015 Heisman nominee, Clemson should have a bright season. They have enormous potential on their team.
  4. Houston: This Dark Horse team is one that will shock collage football, with huge potential everywhere, and everything to prove.


  1. Alabama: Saban has yet again has made a true contender after total dismantling southern cal, Alabama is still here to compete for a national championship. Young quarterback Jalen Hurts look likes he can lead this offense to another championship, the defense is yet again dominating.
  2. Clemson: Even after a not so impressive win at Auburn this team still has a lot of talent that is back another year to give Bama a run for the championship. With how the defense played on the first Saturday and the way the offense can be, this team can be dominant in ACC.
  3. FSU: After a very impressive comeback win against Ole Miss this team can be another dangerous team from the ACC this year and they will be relying on their young quarterback to make plays. Looking down the road when they face Clemson that could be a marquee match up.
  4. Houston: People will say that this team does not deserve to be in the top 4 and that their schedule will never match up with one of the SEC or the Big Ten, but they proved on Saturday this team can play and that Greg Ward Jr. could be a possible dark horse for the Heisman. Tom Herman is a great coach and will have them ready to play each and every week.
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  1. Sean Scott on September 12th, 2016 3:52 pm

    Love this new series, great idea! Would like to see Luke say a little more and elaborate, and it needs some proofreading, but an excellent read! Looking forward to reading more of these! Miss you guys


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College Football Top Four Picks