Chapin High Varsity Cheerleaders Bring Home First 5A State Win

You can’t spell CHAmPIoN without Chapin


The Chapin Varsity Cheerleaders are the best in the state, no question.

This past Saturday, Chapin High won their 5th straight state championship, this time in 5A. The Chapin Cheerleaders have won 10 first place titles of the last 11 years, starting all the down in 2A and winning in each division (3A and 4A) all the way up to 5A, making Chapin the first team in South Carolina history to win in four separate divisions. The squad has a total of 14 state championships.

Assistant Coach Billie Williams said that, “Out of all the state titles we won, this was the best because we worked harder this year than any other year, and getting to win against the biggest teams in the state means more than anyone will ever know. We only had one senior, and we are already getting prepared for next year,” Ms. Williams added.

Caroline Davenport a Sophomore Cheerleader said, “I was confident that we were going to win because I knew how hard we worked.”

“When we won I was very surprised, but also super excited to have been able to end my senior season with a win and to have made all the work we put in over the season worth it,” said senior Maddie Broad.  “Being the only senior this season definitely scared me a little bit. I feel like it really gave me a leadership role on the team. Having only one senior and still being able to win in the most competitive level of cheerleading shows how dedicated the team was and how hard we worked all season.”

The team wore their medals to school on Monday with their state T-shirts.

Click here for a Link to The State Newspaper and a video of the routine