Clemson VS Alabama! The Fans Speak!

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Clemson VS Alabama! The Fans Speak!

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Monday, January 7th, was a big victory for the state of South Carolina. Whether you’re a Clemson fan or not, it’s very exciting to know that a team from our state has won the College Football National Championship. The game was held at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Days before the game, people from all over were talking about how close of a game it was going to be, but Clemson ended up beating Alabama 44-16.

Senior Tred Dixon and his mom.

Before the game had happened, we asked some students what they thought the outcome might be. Junior Scott Partrich, who is an Alabama fan says, “I think we’re pretty evenly matched, our best advantage is the tight end, which is a big deal in this game. Christian Miller being out really stinks but Dexter Lawrence being out kind of evens that out.”  Most Alabama fans that we had asked about the game seemed very confident that Alabama would win, and it was the same for the Clemson fans, too.

“I am excited for the game and I am confident for Clemson because we prepared hard for this and we are the underdogs in this game. Clemson loves being the underdogs because it motivates us more to win,” said Junior, Sarah Miller.

Senior, Tred Dixon actually made the trip to California with his family to attend the game. “It really made the trip more enjoyable seeing us win and being with family. It was awesome”, he said. Some other Chapin High students were also able to make it to the game to get the full National Championship experience.

Dawson Hunt posing with The State newspaper.

Junior, Dawson Hunt, was very excited about the big win as well. “I thought they played really well on Offense and Defense. Trevor did good, and the D-line got pressure on Tua,” he said. “It was great to see just how much knowledge kids had on the logistics of the game.”

Though it was a tough loss for the Alabama fans, overall it was a great game that left us with a big victory for our state.



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