A Recap: First Track Meet

Track season is underway at Chapin.

Last Wednesday, March 6th, the first track meet of the season for Chapin took place. It was a cold night, and a very interesting experience for some new runners. Katie Barfield described her first meet as, “cold and nerve racking.” Caden Baker said, “it was hard to get loose because of how cold it was.”

However, the meet didn’t wait for the weather. There were 4 teams in addition to Chapin at the meet. The other 3 teams were Mid Carolina High, Spartanburg Day, and Gilbert High. Many kids were nervous, like Aiden Kitchens. He said,  “[I] was nervous that [I] would fall fall over one of the hurdles during [my] race.”  Kitchens did end up falling over one of the hurdles.

See Results Here:  https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults