Chapin Senior performs at Cruz Rally

Nicole Pinelli, senior at CHS, sang the National Anthem at a rally for presidential candidate Ted Cruz.


Chapin High Senior Nicole Pinelli and Phillip Strickland sing the National Anthem at a Ted Cruz rally in West Columbia.

Nicole Pinelli, a senior at Chapin High school, had the opportunity to put her singing ability to use during a political event. On February 19, Nicole sang the National Anthem in front of a few thousand people. Her broadcast performance took place at a rally for Republican presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, at the Eagle Aviation building in West Columbia.

During the rally, Nicole had the opportunity to interact with many well known people. Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander of Duck Dynasty, spoke along with many well known politicians. Nicole was able to sing with Phillip Strickland, the youth pastor at East Lake Church, the church where she attends.

“It was a really cool experience and it helped to do it with someone that I am close with” Nicole said.

Nicole described the experience as surreal and enjoyed being able to do what she loves for such a large group. She sings in her church worship band, at weddings, and at other events. This was an important event in her singing career, and she hopes to keep singing for occasions like these in the future.

When asked her future plans, Nicole replied, “I will always love singing and hope that one day I can make it part of my career if the opportunity presents itself.”