Best Student Section in the Midlands


2019 Veterans Appreciation Game vs Dutch Fork

A common phrase that can be heard in the halls of Chapin High School during football season is that Chapin has “the best student section in the nation”. However, this statement is chalked up to more than just a show of school pride. In 2016, Chapin High School won the title of “Most Outstanding Student Section” in a nationwide spirit competition sponsored by Varsity Brands.

Now in 2019, the outstanding school spirit presented here at CHS has earned the student body yet another award. In a poll created by Lou Bezjak at The State newspaper, Chapin High ran against other Midlands high schools such as River Bluff, Spring Valley, and Newberry, for the title of “Best Student Section in the Midlands”. After two days of voting, Chapin High won the poll with 4,927 votes, River Bluff in second with 3,828 votes, and Dutch Fork in third place with 3,458 votes.

In addition to the student section poll, Bezjak wrote an article dedicated to the immense school spirit displayed in Chapin’s student section on Friday nights in the Cecil Woolbright stadium. Bezjak interviewed “Pep God” Bryce Manley, Noah Davis (senior), and Head Football Coach Justin Gentry on the atmosphere of the stadium on game day, and how the student energy positively affects the players, and vice versa.

In addition to statements from Chapin students and Coach Gentry, the article features a variety of Q&A’s regarding student spirit from multiple other high schools in the Midlands.


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