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“Prom” has a happy ending in new teen flick

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“Prom” Starring Aimee Teegarden, Thomas McDonell is about class president Nova’s  planning for the school’s prom. She and her friends, Mei, Ali, Brandon, and Rolo have been given the task of planning the upcoming prom.
The problems ensue when their perfect decorations stored in a shed go up in smoke during a prom date request gone wrong.The next day, a devastated Nova, with no decorations and only three weeks to prom, has to rely on her friends for extra help to pull the dance off.  Unfortunately for Nova they all  back out. Enter Jesse, the “bad boy” assigned to help her as part of a school punishment.As the movie progresses, the two become closer and a lot of back story drama is revealed about both characters. As you might imagine they two fall in love but in a dramatic scene, they seemingly fall apart.The ending is pretty predictable but still sweet. If you are into teen romance, then you might like this one.

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