CSPNEagles.com Pick their Favorites!


As the school year winds down, we thought about some of our favorite all-time books, shows and movies and what we would recommend for the summer!!

Dominic Cataline

The movie “Black Panther” (the first movie) is worth watching due to its engaging storyline, epic action scenes, and compelling actors such as: Chadwick Boseman, Michael Jordan, Letitia Wright, and more.

I loved the action and storyline of the movie as I find it extremely compelling and it teaches a lesson all kids should learn. I don’t like the ending of the movie due to it feeling incomplete.

I think its just as good as the other Marvel movies and I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for an action-packed movie with a compelling story.

Kori Pieters

The show “Friends” by David Crane and Marta Kauffman is a show that people should watch because it is a very popular show that many people are interested in. 

My brother recommended the show to me because it is a very funny show and he thought I would enjoy it. Even though the show is 10 seasons long, it is still a show that is worth watching. 

I liked most of the show because it was very funny and the actors (Jennifer Anniston playing Rachel, Lisa Kudrow playing Phoebe, and Matthew Perry playing Chandler etc.) they chose to fill in those roles did great as their certain parts. One thing I didn’t like is that they had a laugh track backing up the show instead of an actual studio audience..

I could compare the show “Friends” to the show “New Girl.” It is another show on Netflix that is very funny and revolves around a friend group.

I do recommend the show “Friends” to teenagers and honestly people of all ages. It is a very good show that can make people of any age laugh. 

Kate Norris

“Friends” is an American sitcom that aired from 1994-2004 with 10 seasons and 236 episodes. It is about a group of 6 friends, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe who live in New York City. Throughout the series, the group navigates various personal and professional challenges including romantic relationships, career changes, and family issues. The show is known for its witty humor, memorable catchphrases and iconic moments, and has become a cultural phenomenon, influencing fashion, music, and pop culture.

One of my personal favorite parts of the show is the clever humor and heartwarming moments. It has become a cultural touchstone with fans of all ages still watching reruns and quoting famous lines. The only thing I was not a fan of about “Friends” is the fact that some characters did not get enough screen time, and other than that it is my favorite show.

“Friends” has often been compared to other sitcoms like “Seinfeld,” “Big Bang Theory,” and “How I Met Your Mother.” They all have similar themes of friendship and humor and have all become cultural touchstones in their own way.

I would definitely recommend the show. If you are looking for a feel-good comfort show that will make you laugh, “Friends” is a perfect choice. Whether you are a fan of rom-coms, ensemble cats, or clever writing, “Friends” has something for everyone. It is a timeless classic that appeals to viewers of all ages, so if you are in the mood for a binge-worthy series, give “Friends” a try!

Lea McCaw  

“Jane the Virgin” is about a Hispanic-America family of three women. A more Americanized take on Telenovelas. These women face so many challenges including: immigration issues, heartbreak, accidental artificial insemination, and murder. This series had me hanging off the edge of my bed at 3 a.m.  when I first watched it. I have re-watched it a handful of times since then. 

What I loved about Jane the Virgin was the fact that it was such a personalized show. The narration was one of my favorite parts, and how one scene was COMPLETELY different from the other but they connected the lines each time the scene shifted. I love how its a show surrounding three totally different women, yet they all relate to one another. Its heartwarming, funny (cheesy), escalating, tense, sad, confusing, and most of all, it had the perfect ending. 

There was not anything huge I disliked–maybe the fact that there was no sequel! 

I would say it relates a lot to “Gilmore Girls.”  This is just a comfort show, something that you could re-watch a hundred times and still laugh, cry, and wonder what will happen next. 

I 100 percent recommend this show. It is PG enough to where it’s funny to watch with the family.  Though the show is called “Jane the Virgin,” it only the  beginning that revolves around that topic. With so many characters, scenes, and emotions to relate to, how could you not love it? 

Danny Prebeck

“Fatherhood,” on Netflix featuring Kevin Hart includes a husband and wife starting a family, the wife dying after giving birth, and the father having to raise a daughter on his own. It is a movie that highlights a father’s love for his daughter, and what he will do to ensure her safety and happiness.

I loved the comedy aspect of the movie, but also how it is mixed with a serious tone and a very realistic life situation. This movie could be very good for people in similar situations.

 You could compare it to “The Pursuit of Happyness” with Will Smith. It was also a  movie about a man raising his child by himself, while also chasing his dream job.

I would recommend it. It is a heart warming, relatable movie. This movie could help people work through difficult situations and also provide them with some light hearted joy from the comedy.

Harrison White

I believe that people should watch the show “Lost” because it gives you suspense, drama, action, a great storyline, and thrilling scenes. Actors Josh Halloway, Evangaline Lilly, and Matthew Fox said that they experienced the most fun acting, and filming the show.

I would say this show is most like “24” because it has very similar characteristics. I 100 percent recommend the show” Lost” to anyone who loves cliffhangers/suspense, drama, action, a great storyline, and thrilling scenes. You will be drawn in immediately after the first episode.

Special Correspondents

Yara Abusamra

People should definitely consider watching “ The Vampire Diaries.” It’s an amazing show about brothers who are vampires and they fall in love with the same girl. Many crazy things happen throughout the show which keeps it  interesting throughout the 9 seasons.

People should DEFINITELY watch this if they are  into romance, horror, and comedy. I watched it in 2020 during the pandemic to keep me busy while we couldn’t go anywhere. It’s an easy show to watch and stay invested in. 

I loved the actors and their portrayal of their characters. I didn’t like how sometimes the plot twists would just be  too much to comprehend. Other than that, it’s a great show. 

If I had to compare “TVD”  to one show or movie, it would be “Twilight” because of the vampires falling in love with humans. 

I would definitely recommend it! It’s entertaining and exciting. There are new plot twist

Jake Summers

The sixth and final season of AMC’s “Better Call Saul” premiered on Netflix on April 18th, 2023, exactly a year after the season first premiered, allowing even more fans to watch it. In late April, it was ranked #5 on Netxlix’s Top TV Shows. The final season of “Better Call Saul” and the show as a whole is masterfully written and designed with entertaining characters. The final season has received 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.9/10 on IMDb. 

The final season was full of the same comedic tomfoolery as in the other seasons of “Better Call Saul,”but it also shows enormous levels of character development among the main characters. The final few episodes show Jimmy McGill “Saul Goodman ” experiencing a fierce internal struggle regarding his guilt in working for Walter White and the death of his colleague, Howard Hamlin. He ultimately makes the right decision in facing the consequences of his actions.

“Better Call Saul” has more comedic relief in it compared to the “Breaking Bad” series, but the storyline seems less fluid and less interesting. Nonetheless, Better Call Saul is a great prequel and sequel to Breaking Bad,

I highly recommend watching “Better Call Saul,” especially if you are a fan of “Breaking Bad.” It provides a better context and a much-needed resolution for the characters of the award-winning franchise. 

Rylee Todaro

I watched” New Girl”, a comedy show on Fox TV, for the first time in 2021. It immediately intrigued me and I found myself laughing at every episode while slowly relating and connecting with the characters. People should watch “New Girl” because it is both hilarious and, at the same time, shows the lives of everyday people making the most of their situation. The show focuses on life’s imperfections and how you can still find joy in the flaws. 

I loved the individual characters in the show along with the relationships they developed. Each character has a very unique personality that is identifiable from the very first episode. Throughout the show, you grow to see the beauty of the complexity of humans. The only problem I had was in the last season, the show was cut short and the plot was rushed and contained gaps.

Compared to most comedy shows, this one has a level of authenticity that most others lack. It is often compared to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” The two shows even had a crossover episode. 

I recommend  watching” New Girl” at least once in their life. It will encourage you to live life more fulfilling life as it shows the joy in the mundane.