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The Woman In Black sure to scare

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The new movie, The Woman In Black, was realeased in theaters February 3, 2012.  It is about a widowed father and lawyer, Arthur Kipps—played by Harry Potter icon, Daniel Radcliffe—who travels to a remote village in England to organize a recently deceased client’s legal papers.

Upon arrival, he is immediately shocked by the tragedy that occurs in the town.  Several children unexpectedly die.  Kipps is devastated and is reminded of his own son that he left behind in order to come to the village and complete his work.  At night when he’s alone, Kipps begins hearing things and seeing the unnatural.  More than once he sees the ghost of an angry woman completely adorned in black attire, and she seemingly has unfinished business left on earth. 

Kipps begins doing reseach, desperate to find out the identity of the scorned woman.  It turns out that during he life she had a child, and he was taken from her when people wrongly accused her of being “mentally unstable” and an “unfit mother.”  Later the boy mysteriously drowns in a river and, depressed, the woman hangs herself.  Her ghost now wanders the earth, spitefully taking thel ives of children in the secluded village, set on vengeance.  Kipps goes on a mission to help the ghost find peasce, and prevent the deaths of many more innocent children.

I can’t really give more description without giving anything away.  The ending was a bit of a surprise and a little unresolved.  Overall, I feel that this was a pretty good movie.  I had been eager to see Daniel Radcliffe’s peformance in a movie outside of the Harry Potter series, and I was not disappointed.  It was also interesting tos ee him take up a different role as a father it the film.  The Woman In Black had a good plot and I felt that it lived up to its horror/thriller expectations.  More than once I jumped in my seat!  Anyone who enjoys scary movies would find The Woman In Black appealing. For those who don’t believe in the supernatural and are easily frightened, this probably isn’t the movie for you.  I also wouldn’t recommend this movie be watched by children.  The movie was rated PG-13, due to some disturbing images and horror.  In my judgement, I would say that the movie deserves four out of five stars.

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