Battle of the Bell 2021

The Chapin Eagles football team runs down the field in preparation for kickoff. (Danny Prebeck)


As the first full week of school started it was time for Chapin High School´s annual rivalry week against Mid Carolina High School which started on Monday, August 23 and went through Friday, August 27. To get ready for the big game on Friday night, Chapin High School held a spirit week. Each day had a different theme. Monday was America Day, Tuesday was Gym Class Heroes, Wednesday was Neon Day, Thursday was Far Out Day, and Friday was Beach Theme. All of these exciting spirit days lead the way for the students to bring all of their energy to cheer on the football team Friday night.

Chapin High School honors Jack Alkhatib with a 60 second moment of silence for number 60 on the Dutch Fork Football team. (Danny Prebeck)


To honor the loss of football player Jack Alkhatib from Dutch Fork High School, Chapin High School had a 60 second moment of silence in honor of him.

In the first Quarter, Chapin started with the ball but turned it right over to Mid-Carolina after the first play. Mid-Carolina was on fourth down and decided to try and get the first down rather than kick a field goal. The Rebels got the touchdown with 7:50 minutes left in the quarter. Chapin blocked the extra point attempt. Chapin had the ball and threw a pass which led to a second down. The sophomore quarterback, Jayden Bradford, threw the ball again to get the first down. Next the ball was handed off to wide receiver Zavier Short who ran to get the first down on the 43 yard line. Bradford then kept the ball and ran it to get another first down on the 24 yard line. An incomplete pass led the Eagles to a second down and right after a short pass was made it turned to 3rd down. A long and high pass to Short was complete and led the Eagles to their first touchdown of the game! Mason Suber made the extra kick and the Eagles were up 7-6 against the Rebels with 6:12 left in the first quarter.

Immediately after the Eagles had their first touchdown, the game went on a temporary lightning delay. Fans were asked to either go to their cars, the cafeteria, or arena/gym to wait for the delay to be over. Fans who went to the gym got to experience the wonderful talent of the Chapin Band and Color guard as they performed for the fans while they waited for the game to start again.

The Chapin Band and color guard performing for the fans as they wait for the lightning delay to go away. (Erika London)


 At 8:50 pm the delay was over and the game was back on.

As the game started again the Eagles kicked off to the Rebels as they got the touchback. Mid-Carolina gets nowhere and decides to punt on fourth down. The snap of the ball was way too high so Mid-Carolina´s punter was forced to run with the ball but was tackled on the 23 yard line. Chapin had the ball and passed it to get the first down on the 11 yard line. Bradford handed the ball to Bennett Galloway to get the second down on the 3 yard line. Galloway ran the ball in the end zone for the touchdown! Chapin sets up to go for the extra point kick but the snap is too high. Zachary Echerer gets the high snap and ran the ball into the end zone to get the two point conversion!

Senior Zachary Echerer shared his experience. He said,¨love the student section for going nuts. Glad to be a part of the best field goal team in the nation!¨ Fans were so surprised to see what looked like an extra point attempt turn into a two point conversion. Colin Stalker, a senior in the stands, said ¨it was awesome. Nothing was cooler than Zach diving into the end zone zone. He may or may not have gotten rocked but it was still super cool.¨

Chapin then led 15-7 with 1:15 left in the first quarter. The Rebels had the ball. It was second down and the quarterback was sacked!! The Chapin defense did an excellent job on 3rd down and the quarterback was sacked again! This brought an end to the first quarter of the game.

Quarter 2 began with Short catching the kick off to the 53 yard line. Bradford threw a complete pass to Galloway which led to a second down. The quarterback then ran the ball to pick up the first down on the 20 yard line. Chapin ran the ball but not enough for the first down. The Eagles then were able to get the first and goal with 9:48 on the clock. Chapin was able to score and get the extra point stretching the lead to 22-6. Mid-Carolina had the ball, it was second down on the 23 yard line with 5:40 left in the quarter and defensive end Max Drag blocked the Rebels pass. With 1:17 left in the half Mid-Carolina scored and got the extra point. The Rebels add to their score 22-13. Mid-Carolina kicked off to the Eagles and stopped them on the 40 yard line. #5 Bradford handed off to #21 Galloway who ran 60 yards and was able to get another touchdown for the Eagles before the end of the half!! Suber´s extra point attempt was good! The Eagles led at the half 29-13.

In the third quarter #3 for the rebels had a 4 yard running touchdown, shrinking the gap to 29-20 with 7:18 left in the third quarter. Shortly after #8 Zavier Short gave the Eagles another touchdown to expand the lead to 36-20, Mason Suber´s extra point was complete. With 2:30 left in the third quarter, Suber made the field goal adding on to Chapin´s score of 39 while the Rebels still had 20.

At the start of the fourth quarter Mid-Carolina scored a touchdown, but the 2 point conversion was no good. The Rebels had 26 and the Eagles had 39 with ten minutes left in the game. The final scoring play of the night was a complete pass from Bradford to Short to get the final touchdown of the night. The extra point from Suber was complete with 8:50 left in the game. The final score of the game was Chapin 46 and Mid-Carolina 26. Coach Jody Haltiwanger said ,¨our boys did a really good job with the game plan. They played well and were able to execute what we asked them to do.¨