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On Wednesday October 25, the Chapin High School Orchestra and played a Halloween concert in the cafeteria. During the piece “Salute to Michael Jackson” the color guarded performed alongside the orchestra.  As the advanced class was leaving the stage, the band entered and played “The Chairman’s Walk” with the master class orchestra.  Later on Dr. Ross was surprised with a violin and was asked by conductor Andrew Lynn to play along with the master class.  After a brief lesson on how to hold the instrument, and play, the orchestra, with Dr. Ross played “Guest Soloist” with Dr. Ross having his own solo throughout the piece

The first three songs (Shadows In The House, Salute to Michael Jackson, and Two Scenes From the Hollow) were performed by the master, advanced, and 9th grade class. Then during the second movement of “Two Scenes from the Hallow” the 9th grade class left the stage and let the advanced and master class play. Later when the advanced class was done the master class played two pieces of music (Incantations, and Elegy) then brought the band on to play.