Senior Quotes & Picture Selections: Friday Deadline

All senior quotes and portrait selections for the class of 2018 are now due Friday, October 27th. The original date printed was November 15th but has since been changed.

Submissions are to be made on the Google Form made by the Chapin yearbook staff. The form can found on the designated yearbook tab on the official Chapin High School website or as linked:

Quotes must be under a certain amount of characters and will need approval from the yearbook advisor, Mrs. Conti, and yearbook staff before publishing. To select specific formal and causal pictures, seniors must submit their personal photo identification code which can be found by logging onto Prestige Portraits.

Approximately 70% of last years seniors turned in quotes while the remaining 30% did not.

Seniors who do no meet the submission dead line will not have a quote printed and will have their pictures chosen automatically.