Book Pals Program

Chapin High School recently began its second annual Book Pal Program. Students can check out a mystery book to read, then they will write to a pen pal to share their thoughts on the book. The event will be held in the library and will last from January 24th to January 31st. 

When asked why she thought this program would be beneficial, Ms. Mayes stated “I feel like the program will open up new doors for students and help bring them out of their comfort zone”. Due to the fact that all the books are wrapped, students will have no idea what book they are choosing which may end up introducing them to a book they never would have read otherwise, she said.  In fact, Libromaniacs did a survey on book clubs and estimated that 57% of respondents stated that they “would never have read some of the books selected by their clubs.”

Mayes hopes that the program will introduce students to new genres of literature to enjoy.

Another benefit of this program is that it will introduce students to new ways to think about literature. Studies show that students are more engaged in reading when they are discussing it with somebody else. In fact, Nathaniel Petrich states that Relationships are influential pieces of learning experiences and learning environments.” This program will allow students to bounce ideas off of each other while reading the book which is an essential skill. 

The Book Pal Program is a chance for students to be introduced to new books and people, as well as have a good time. If you wish to sign up, then speak to Ms. Mayes or Ms. Anton in the Chapin High School Library.